The Middle East’s Jewel.

Indulge yourself in all the luxury Dubai has to offer. Where you can find a seven-star hotel, visit a man-made island in the shape of a palm, cruise with a yacht in the Arabian Gulf and still be able to ride camels through the desert during sunset.

Experience the outstanding 360° view of the whole city from the World’s tallest building. Enjoy some of the World’s best restaurants and night clubs. Explore the World’s biggest mall.

Discover the beauty of Dubai and travel as you wish. By land, sea or air.


The Greek Island Treasure.

A luxury island that truly deserves its enviable reputation. Mykonos has become a cosmopolitan to the jet setters. It has everything you can wish for; white paradise-like beaches, Cycladic architecture, traditional cubic houses with coloured doors and narrow streets with designer shopping. And guess what, Greek food never tasted better.

Experience the most breathtaking sunsets from a private villa during your stay. Enjoy the turquoise sea view from a luxury yacht. Explore the neighboring islands by letting a helicopter take you there.

Discover the fascinating world of Mykonos where glamour meets simplicity.


The Spanish Magical Island.

The legendary party island is famous for its electronic music scene. It is holy ground to the party crowd

Ibiza is a magical island with an extraordinary energy that connects people. It attracts a tremendously mixed international clientele, the high rollers and the hippie chic.

Experience the perfect combination of intense nights and relaxed days. Enjoy a sweet yacht escape to the tranquil paradise Formentera to recharge your batteries. Explore the hidden treasures of Ibiza; unique restaurants, astonishing beaches and hippie markets.

Discover the magic of Ibiza.